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BSc in Environmental Technology (180 ECTC cr)

This programme is taught in Finnish.

After completing the Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Technology the graduates are able to

  1. define the fields of environmental technology, including their basic concepts, the central methods available, and related theories
  2. identify different emissions and their sources
  3. discuss the meaning of environmental technology, including its possibilities, challenges, and future visions also with experts from other fields
  4. follow and interpret the current legislation, and independently apply the legal norms related to environmental issues to practical work
  5. work in projects and teams consisting of experts from different fields
  6. report (e.g. on corporate environmental and social responsibility issues) in their mother tongue and in English
  7. gather and analyse scientific information related to environmental issues, and analyse the reliability of the sources.
  8. calculating operating values of equipment, defining their design values, and understanding their design principles.
  9. describing the operation and design principles of various energy conversion processes