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Bachelor's Programme in Energy Technology 2019-2020 (180 ECTS)

BSc in Energy Techology is taught in Finnish

Basic facts

This is a Tekniikan kandidaatti (TkK), Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.) amounting to 180 ECTS
A lower university degree gives eligibility to apply for Master's studies
The BSc education is arranged so that the full-time students can complete the degree in three academic years.

Learning Outcomes of the Programme

In this BSc programme a student develops knowledge, skill and competences on energy production, transmission, distribution and use. He familiarizes himself on a variety of plants and will learn to understand the principles of energy production. Studies are a combination of technology and natural sciences - mathematics, physics and chemistry. A student will learn basic methods of energy production, such as solar, wind, steam and nuclear power engineering, as well as their operation and security. He/She will learn to understand and manage variety of energy production technologies, and evaluate how energy affects the environment, the economy and the society. After completing the degree a student can continue studies in MSc programmes.

After completing the Bachelor’s programme a graduate is able to
• Describe the physical basic phenomena related to energy technology
• Apply basic equations of thermal engineering in the examination of energy conversion related processes
• Describe the structure and operation principle of the equipment related to energy technology (boilers, turbines, compressors, fans, heat exchangers)
• Calculate operating values of equipment, define their design values, and understand their design principles.
• Describe the operation and design principles of various energy conversion processes
• Compare the applicability of various energy conversion processes to different applications from technological, economic and environmental perspectives
• Acquire information from various sources and evaluate their quality and reliability
• Communicate both orally and in writing in national and international context.

Degree structure

The BSc in technology 180 ECTS consists of

general studies, including language and communication studies
intermediate specialisation studies of energy technology, including a Bachelor's thesis and a related seminar
minor studies
the BSc in Energy Technology does not include any free elective studies.

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