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This programme is taught in Finnish.

Bachelor’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (180 ECTS credits), in academic year 2019-20


Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Management is able to:

1. Understand organizations’ processes, activities and personnel in different kinds of business environments
2. Analyze the developing opportunities and challenges of different business fields, and apply alternative methods for solving them
3. Understand and apply different methods and models of supply chain management
4. Understand and apply different cost management methods in controlling the costs and operations of a company
5. Understand the principles and characteristics of business marketing, and analyze different factors affecting a company’s marketing environment
6. Understand the principles of innovation and technology management, and analyze different operation models for a company’s innovation development
7. Understand industrial production processes and operation models, and consider their development opportunities and challenges for the business
8. Apply technical problem solving skills in analyzing and developing business operations
9. Act in projects and different development teams, and utilize experimental, pragmatic and problem-solving attitude while working
10. Apply scientific working methods and understand the meaning of critical thinking in data gathering
11. Communicate fluently in business life, summarize essential things and present them clearly
12. Act in different working environments and understand the need for continuous self-development and -learning according to the requirements of working life.