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This programme is taught in Finnish.

Degree programmes in Industrial Engineering and Management for Master of Science in Technology (120 ECTS credits) 2019-20

Learning outcomes of the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship in the academic year 2019-20

Master's programme in Entrepreneurship gives participants a wide insight about the nature of the entrepreneurship. After completing the degree, the graduate can:

- set goals and objectives for his/her own entrepreneurship and business operations
- start a company and estimate the feasibility of the business idea
- analyze the success of the business from different perspectives
- deeply understand the various forms of entrepreneurship
- find, identify and utilize different business opportunities
- lead, evaluate and develop the company and its operations, and is able to analyze and lead the various phases of growth
- analyze the business environment of the company and the roles of key stakeholders and understand their impact on business and its development
- develop the business idea towards business start-ups and utilize the latest knowledge and know-how of the university in this process
- work in an entrepreneurial, courageous and experiential manner, in various positions eg. as a business unit manager or in promoting entrepreneurship
- network and form multi-faceted start-up teams
- evaluate and reflect his/her learning, identify his/her opportunities and challenges as an entrepreneur, and systematically find ways to develop him/herself.