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This programme is taught in Finnish.

Degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management for Master of Science in Technology (120 ECTS credits) in academic year 2019-20


A Master in Industrial Engineering and Management is able to:

1. Develop and manage organizations' processes, operations and personnel in production and service business environments.
2. Analyze operation and process improvement opportunities, challenges, needs and options and evaluate the impacts of the improvement actions to the organizations´ success and position in the supply chain and business networks.
3. Determine, produce and analyze data needed for data-based organizational development and decision-making and create management solutions and recommendations based on analyzed information.
4. Apply supply chain management methods and models in inter-organizational development networks.
5. Analyze and combine costs and processes by utilizing different types of cost management methods and design models and measurement systems for lifecycle cost, profitability and performance management.
6. Manage the corporate innovation systems and develop innovative corporate culture.
7. Evaluate and interpret the logic of different branch of industries and technologies.
8. Utilize technological, mathematical and natural scientific thinking in business analysis and problem solving.
9. Analyze and develop application areas, business opportunities and process improvement possibilities especially related to their own technical expertise.
10. Plan, organize and manage improvement projects and development teams and implement changes by utilizing research knowledge and critical thinking.
11. Act and communicate effectively in different types of work and interaction situations by taking independently and actively responsibility for organizational development and management.
12. Apply and utilize new knowledge both in academic postgraduate studies and in other lifelong learning situations.