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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business Administration 2019 – 2020

This programme is taught in Finnish.

The bachelor of business administration degree (B.Sc. Econ.) is min. 180 ECTS cr and can be achieved in three years full time studying. The bachelor programme includes a versatile general studies package. After completing the general studies, the student is able to understand and adopt the basic concepts and the key theories of business and economics. The degree consists of general studies, language and communication studies, intermediate specialisation studies and minor studies. In addition students may take free elective studies.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the programme the student
1. is knowledgeable about the theories and practice of business administration and management
a) can describe and explain discipline-specific key concepts and theories
b) can apply concepts and theories to analyzing business-related problems
c) is able to draw conclusions based on applied business-related research

2. is an effective communicator
a) is competent in written academic communication
b) is competent in preparing and providing oral presentations

3. demonstrates a capacity for scientific thinking and the application of scientific working methods
a) is able to critically appraise academic literature
b) is able to articulate research problems
c) can apply appropriate quantitative or qualitative research methods in analyzing business-related problems

4. demonstrates an understanding of sustainable business
a) is able to explain key concepts and frameworks related to CSR and sustainability
b) can assess sustainable business practices

The intermediate specialisation will be chosen in the end of the first academic year. Options are:


Business Analytics

International Marketing

Strategic Finance

Supply Management

The instructions regarding to the studying business administration are available at UNI -portal: