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Bachelor’s programme in Software Engineering (180 ECTS credits), in academic year 2019-20

This programme is taught in Finnish.

- Degree: Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.), Software Engineering

- Lower university degree, gives eligibility to higher university degree

- Extent 180 ECTS cr

- Duration 3 years

On the completion of this program, the bachelor graduates will be able to:

1. Apply software engineering theory, principles, tools and processes, as well as the theory and principles of computer science and mathematics, to development of complex, scalable software systems
2. Demonstrate software engineering application domain knowledge and principles of selecting and the use of software matrices
3. Understand the dynamics of how teams develop and function, productively participate on software project with heterogeneous teams
4. Interact professionally with colleagues or clients and overcome challenges that arise from geographic distance, cultural differences, and multiple languages in the context of computing and software engineering
5. Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, produce documents, and work as a part of a project team using both the domestic languages as well as English
6. Recognize the need for, and engage in, lifelong learning
7. Describe, design and solve problems by programming and using software engineering techniques and experimentation
8. Apply technical skills in different application domains taking into account technical, social, an economical constraints
9. Elicit, analyze and specify software requirements through a productive working relationship with project stakeholders
10. Apply appropriate codes of ethics and professional conduct to the solution of software engineering problems
11. Understand IT related business, entrepreneurship and innovation models.