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Exchange studies 2018-19

Whether you are planning to stay for a semester or a year, the exchange students coming to LUT have a proud history of enjoying themselves.

At LUT students can easily combine technology and business studies under the same roof. LUT will offer a large number of courses in many academic fields and the choice is yours! However, in order for you to make the most of your stay, please be proactive and take responsibility for your study plan and your studies. Most of the courses are intended for Master's level or final year Bachelor students, but there are also choices available for those in their Bachelor studies. As the majority of courses are taught at the Master's level, so students are expected to have basic degree-level knowledge of the relevant subjects.

The courses you include in your learning agreement may be subject to changes. A learning agreement is not considered as a course registration. When starting your studies at LUT you need to enroll to courses and exams.

It is possible to study approximately 30 ECTS credits per one semester. Minimum number of credits per semester is 20.

We at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) invite you to join our high-standard and cross-cultural education and research community.

More information about exchange study experience at LUT

When planning your language studies you can use the Language Center pages => link to SoleOps. A new study guide for languages for Academic Year 2018-2019 will be published later on SoleOps. You may update your learning agreement / study plan of your language studies when arriving at LUT.

From the table below you can see the teaching periods of each course. Periods 1 and 2 take place in the autumn semester (September-December) and periods 3 and 4 during spring semester (January-May). Periods are subject to change.

Modification on 18.5.2018: new course BM20A6500 Simulation and System Dynamics, 6 ects cr, periods 2-3.

Modification on 31.5.18: deleted course BJ02A1031 Solution Chemistry, 5 ects cr, period 1.


Business administration
A210A0050Comparative International Accounting: Theory and Practice63-4
A210A0200Empirical Strategy Research63-4
A210A0350Real Options and Managerial Decision Making63 (intensive week 9)
A210A0601Information Systems in Corporate Management and Decision-making62
A220A0200International Financial Management61-2
A220A0650Financial Theory and Valuation63
A220A0752Analytics for Business64
A310A0101Strategic Supply Management61-2
A310A0201External Resource Management62
A310A0330Managing Service Business in Supply Chains64
A310A0501Sustainable Global Sourcing62
A310A0603Supplier Development and Relationship Management61-2/3-4
A310A0651Risk Management in Supply Chain6Intensive week 9
A310A0660Financial Supply Management64
A310A0761Green Logistics6Intensive week 43, 2nd period
A330A0061B2B Marketing63
A330A0100International Business Strategies61-2
A330A0151International Entrepreneurship Challenge61-2
A330A0252Internationalization of the Firm and Global Marketing6Group A: 2, Group B: 3
A330A0300Strategic Global Marketing Management61
A330A0450Responsible International Business33, Lectures 7.-11.1.2019.
A330A0550Essential Sales and Negotiation Skills34. Provisional dates 15.4.-18.4.2019
A350A0050Business Research Methods61-2
A350A0200Introduction to Economics61-4
A350A0250Multivariate and Econometric Analysis Methods63-4
A350A0500Sustainable Strategy and Business Ethics32
A350A0601Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management and Innovation63
A365A0251Organizational Learning61
A365A0301Organizing in Knowledge-Based Networks61-3
A365A0320Computational Data Analytics in Business Management64
A370A0401Case-Course of Business61-2, 3-4
A380A0000Cross-Cultural Issues in International Business63
A380A0131Business Relationships in International Value Networks61
A380A0201 Sales and Marketing Communication Using New Technologies62
A380A0500Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability63
A380A6000Cross-Cultural Encounters33
LM10A1000Project Management63-4
Industrial engineering and management
CS10A0262International Business Essentials62
CS10A0760Business in Russia63
CS10A0863Research Methods for Master Students61-2
CS10A0875Industrial Project Management33
CS30A0940Intelligent product-service systems63
CS30A1341Strategic Technology and Innovation Management61-2
CS30A1372Creative Design and Problem Solving61-2
CS30A1376Product Development61-2
CS30A1391Systems Engineering63-4
CS30A1570Complex Systems64
CS30A1641Inventive Product Design and Advanced TRIZ64
CS30A1655Advanced Course in Strategic Management63-4
CS30A1661Open Innovation6Periods 1-2, Periods 3-4
CS30A1671Service Innovation and Management63-4
CS30A1691Social Sustainability64
CS30A7230Northern Energy Challenge31-2
CS30A7402Software and Application Innovation61-2
CS31A0462Cost Management in Industrial Maintenance63
CS31A0604Life-Cycle Costing of Investment Projects31
CS31A0720Basics of ERP systems63-4
CS34A0302Entrepreneurship Theory61
CS34A0352Leading business growth61
CS34A0401Strategic Entrepreneurship in an Age of Uncertainty63
CS34A0410Getting ready for the 21st century Entrepreneurial Journey61, 3-4
CS34A0551Business Idea Development62
CS34A0712Business Governance and Entrepreneurial Renewal62
CS34A0721Entrepreneurship, ownership and family firms63
CS38A0020Optimization in business and industry64
CS38A0060Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic61-2
Software Engineering
CT10A0012Research Work for Software Engineering Exchange Student10-301-4
CT10A7004Sustainainability and IT63-4
CT10A7011Running a Software Project63-4
CT10A7021 Personal Literature Study3-61-2 or 3-4
CT10A7041Code Camp1-61-4
CT10A7051Area Expert's Views on Future Work-life Expectations63-4
CT10A9520Research Project in Software Engineering1-101-4
CT30A8911Architectures and Architectural Patterns61-2
CT60A5103Software Engineering Models and Modeling61-2
CT60A5500Quality Assurance in Software Development61-2
CT60A7322Software Business Development3Intensive week 20
CT60A7650Database Systems Management34
CT70A3000Software Maintenance63-4
CT70A4000Business Process Modelling61-2
CT70A5000Impact and Benefits of Digitalization61-2
CT70A6000Business Intelligence63-4
CT70A9000Geographic Information Systems61-4
Energy technology
BH10A1900Fundamentals of Energy Technology21-4
BH30A0201Nuclear Reactor Design61-2
BH30A0302Nuclear Power Plant Engineering63-4
BH30A0701Reliability Engineering41-2
BH30A1901Theoretical Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics33
BH30A2104Nuclear Reactor Dynamics22
BH30A2200Experimental Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics34
BH40A1501Turbulence Models43-4
BH40A1560Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics61-2
BH40A1570Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics53-4
BH40A1600Turbomachinery in Renewable Energy51-2
BH40A1800Steam Turbines33
BH50A1200Energy Systems Engineering61-2
BH50A1300Maintenance Management41-2
BH50A1400Steam Boilers61-2
BH50A1701District Heating43-4
BH50A2200Bioenergy and Energy Use in the Forest Industry63-4
BH61A0201Energy Economics53-4
BH70A0101Advanced Modelling Tools for Transport Phenomena53-4
BH70A0200Advanced Topics in Modelling of Energy Systems61-2
Mechanical engineering
BK10A1101Laboratory Work Course in Mechanical Engineering2-30Depinding of the project type 1-4
BK10A3800Principles of Industrial Manufacturing Processes51-2
BK10A3900Reliability Based Machine Element Design51-2
BK10A4100Management and Leadership Skills in Mechanical Engineering51-4
BK10A4501Renewable Packaging Materials51-2
BK10A4901Package Design and Consumer - Package Interaction51-2
BK10A5001Modern Packaging Lines, Machinery and Package Manufacturing 53-4
BK10A5101Functional Intelligent Packages51-2
BK20A0403Modern Welding Processes51-2
BK20A2400Materials and Welding Metallurgy53-4
BK20A2500Sustainable Welding Production53-4
BK20A2600Modelling and Simulation in Welding51-2
BK30A0901Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing53-4
BK30A1201Laser Materials Processing 53-4
BK30A1301Laser Based Manufacturing for Design51-2
BK50A3500Development of Sustainable Materials and Machinery for Packaging Technology52
BK50A3600Manufacturing Processes for Recyclable Products54
BK50A3800Productivity and Sustainability of Metal Cutting53-4
BK60A0800Fluid Power53-4
BK60A1001Control of Mechatronic Machines51-2
BK60A1500Practical Laboratory Course in Motion Control and Mechatronics53-4
BK60A1600Advances in Robotics31-2
BK70A0001Simulation of a Mechatronic Machine51-2
BK70A0102Simulation, Laboratory Course53-4
BK70A0501Machine Dynamics51-2
BK70A0600Computational Methods in Mechanics53-4
BK80A1402Fatigue Design51-2
BK80A3000Integrated Design and Fabrication of Welded Structures51-2
BK90C1900Introduction to Materials Engineering42
BK90C2000Hybrid Materials32
BK90C2100Functional Properties of Nanomaterials33
BK90C2200Sustainable Manufacturing of Advanced Materials53
BK90C2300High Performance Products54
Electrical engineering
BL20A0201Power Exchange Game for Electricity Markets32-3
BL20A0401Electricity Market51
BL20A1300Energy Resources61-2
BL20A1400Renewable Energy Technology63-4
BL20A1500Energy Scenarios61-2
BL20A1600Smart Grids53-4
BL30A0400Design of an Electrical Machine61
BL30A1001Electrical Drives82-3
BL30A1020Electrical Drives, Compact42
BL40A0810Digital Signal Processing II43-4
BL40A1202Digital Control Design61-2
BL40A1740Digital Electronics32
BL40A1811Introduction to Embedded Systems63-4
BL40A2010Introduction to IoT-Based Systems41
BL40A2020Wireless Communication Systems42
BL40A2030Wireless Communication Networks43
BL40A2040Enabling Energy Internet via Machine-type Communications44
BL40A2301Energy Efficiency64
BL40A2401Electrical Engineering in Wind and Solar Systems63-4
BL40A2910 Electric Energy Conversion Systems41
BL50A0600Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Electronics22
Environmental engineering
BH60A0252Solid Waste Management Technology71-2
BH60A0451Air Pollution Control61-2
BH60A1201Indoor Climate Management of Buildings71-2
BH60A2101Advanced Course in Life Cycle Assessment73-4
BH60A2401Energy Recovery from Solid Waste41-2
BH60A2701Energy Efficient Environment63-4
BH60A4301Environmental Technology Project Work2-71-4
BH60A4400Introduction to Sustainability31
BH60A5200Introduction to Business and Sustainability31-4
BH60A5300Introduction to Sustainable System Transition31-4
BH60A5400Introduction to Circular Economy51-2
BH60A5700Business and Sustainability63-4
Chemical and process engineering
BJ02A1012Concepts of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry54
BJ02A1090Environmental and Industrial Analytics54
BJ02A1500Current Issues in Enabling Technologies for Circular Economy5Period 4
BJ02A1600Biobased Materials and Advanced Organic Chemistry54
BJ02A2000Knowledge Discovery and Process Data Analysis54
BJ02A2011Modelling of Unit Operations52
BJ02A2030Fluid Dynamics in Chemical Engineering53
BJ02A2041Advanced Process Design51
BJ02A2051Process Intensification54
BJ02A2061Product Design51
BJ02A3010Membrane Technology5intensive week between period 1and 2  (lectures) + period 2 (laboratory work + seminars)
BJ02A3021Chemical Separation Methods53
BJ02A3030Solid-Liquid Separation51-2
BJ02A4051Development of New Sustainable Products and Solutions53
BJ02A4070Principles of Thermal Gas-Liquid Processes52
BJ03A1010Introduction to Advanced Water Treatment51
BJ03A1020Biological Waste Water Treatment51
BJ03A1040Advanced Materials in Adsorption and Ion Exchange52
BJ03A2010Advanced Oxidation Processes & Electrochemical Methods in Water Treatment53
BJ03A2040Research Project Course in Water Treatment103-4
Computational engineering and physics
BM10A0500Research Methods31-2
BM20A4000Case Study Seminar51-4
BM20A4701Modelling with Partial Differential Equations41-4
BM20A4800Project Work in Applied Mathematics10-301-4
BM20A5001Principles of Technical Computing41
BM20A6200Inverse Problems and Normed Spaces61-2
BM30A0500Applied Optics62
BM30A1500Advanced Topics in Material Science62
BM30A2200Semiconductor and Superconductor Physics61-2
BM30A2300Project Work in Technical Physics10-301-4
BM40A0701Pattern Recognition61-2
BM40A0901Computer Vision63-4
BM40A1201Digital Imaging and Image Preprocessing61-2
BM40A1301Project Work in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition10-301-4
BM40A1400GPGPU Computing6Intensive week 43, periods 2 and 3.