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Master’s Programme in Welded Metal Structures 2018-2019 (120 ECTS cr)


Learning Outcomes of the MSc Programme in Welded Metal Structures

After completing Master’s Programme in Welded Metal Structures a student will learn about the design, analysis, fabrication and research of modern and competitive welded metal structures. A student will acquire a good understanding about the strength and ductility properties of metallic materials and their behaviour under long-term loading together with their weldability aspects. This will provide competencies to design different types of metal structures such as machine bodies, bridges, buildings, structural components and bodies for vehicles or supporting structures for different types of engineering applications.

A student will

Degree Structure

The Master's degree (120 ECTS) consists of core studies, specialisation studies, minor studies and free elective studies. The Master's Thesis and Seminar is included in the specialisation studies.

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