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Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering "MEC & ELEC" 2018-2019 (120 ECTS)

The MSc programme is taught in Finnish


Learning Outcomes of the Programme

After completing the Master's Programme MEC&ELEC the graduate of Mechanical Engineering 

After completing the Master's Programme MEC&ELEC the graduate of Electrical Engineering
• is able to apply the essential theories of electrical engineering to practical electrotechnical and electronics applications
• is able to apply his/her knowledge in jobs in product development, research and marketing as well as in management of these
• is able to produce main circuit solutions for different power electronics applications and their thermal design
• is able to design electromagnetic components, recognise the main loss mechanisms and sources of interference
• is able to develop electrical drive system concepts (e.g. frequency converter, electric motor or generator and mechanical load)
• is able to model the operation of different electrical machines and use simulation tools for electromechanical systems and their parts
• understands vector control methods of rotating electrical machines and is able to design control algorithms or applications software for frequency converters
• is able to dimension and choose appropriate components for an electrical drive.
Programme also prepares a student for postgraduate and independent studies.

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