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This programme is taught in Finnish.

Degree programmes in Industrial Engineering and Management for Master of Science in Technology (120 ECTS credits) 2018-19

Master’s Programme in Engineering of Health and Social Services


After completing the programme the student will be able to:

1. Develop ja manage organizational processes, activities and people in service business context
2. Assess and interpret operational logics pertaining to the production of health and social services and associated technologies
3. Analyze the development possibilities, challenges, needs and options at the service system and company level, and assess the impacts of these issues on the success of a company and its position in business networks
4. Model and analyze business processes, business models and networks, and based on the analyses, develop new solutions and action guidelines on these issues
5. Plan and develop service business and service bundles from the perspectives of service design, production and supply, application of technologies, and customer needs
6. Recognize, combine, analyze and critically interpret decision making information pertaining to the production, consumption and cost effectiveness of health and social services
7. Construct models and measures for the analysis of lifecycle costs, profitability, and performance
8. Apply in practice the methods of business and data analytics, cost management, technology and innovation management and service design in the inter-organizational development in collaborative networks
9. Operate and communicate in entrepreneurial manner in various types of interaction situations, development teams, and working environments by taking independent and active responsibility on business development and management
10. Apply and exploit new information independently in life long learning.