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Bachelor's Programme in Energy Technology 2018-2019 (180 ECTS)

BSc in Energy Techology is taught in Finnish

Basic facts

Learning Outcomes of the Programme

In this BSc programme a student develops knowledge, skill and competences on energy production, transmission, distribution and use. He familiarizes himself on a variety of plants and will learn to understand the principles of energy production. Studies are a combination of technology and natural sciences - mathematics, physics and chemistry. A student will learn basic methods of energy production, such as solar, wind, steam and nuclear power engineering, as well as their operation and security. He/She will learn to understand and manage variety of energy production technologies, and evaluate how energy affects the environment, the economy and the society. After completing the degree a student can continue studies in MSc programmes.

After completing the Bachelor’s programme a graduate is able to
• Describe the physical basic phenomena related to energy technology
• Apply basic equations of thermal engineering in the examination of energy conversion related processes
• Describe the structure and operation principle of the equipment related to energy technology (boilers, turbines, compressors, fans, heat exchangers)
• Calculate operating values of equipment, define their design values, and understand their design principles.
• Describe the operation and design principles of various energy conversion processes
• Compare the applicability of various energy conversion processes to different applications from technological, economic and environmental perspectives
• Acquire information from various sources and evaluate their quality and reliability
• Communicate both orally and in writing in national and international context.

Degree structure

The BSc in technology 180 ECTS consists of

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