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Master's Programme in Energy Technology "EnTeDI" 2018-2019 (120 ECTS)

MSc in Energy Technology "EnTeDI" is taught in Finnish


Learning Outcomes of the Programme

After completion of the MSc programme EnTeDI, the graduate
- demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the important technologies, practical applications, processes and actions concerning energy generation, power systems and energy markets, and the use of energy
- adopts the principles of life cycle thinking and sustainable development in the domain of energy
- is able to apply and develop mathematical models for solving problems in energy technology
- is able to organize projects and has good teamwork skills in project groups
- is able to communicatesand work in the scientific and research community.

Degree Structure

The Master's degree (120 ECTS) consists of core studies, specialisation studies, minor studies and elective studies. The Master's Thesis and Seminar is included in the specialisation studies.

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