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Bachelor’s Programme in Technology and Engineering Science 2019-2020 (180 ECTS)

This BSc is taught in English

Basic facts

This is a Tekniikan kandidaatti (TkK), Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.) degree amounting to 180 ECTS.
A lower university degree gives eligibility to apply for Master's studies
The BSc education is arranged so that full-time students can complete the degree in three academic years.

Learning Outcomes of the Bachelor’s Programme in Technology and Engineering Science

At the end of the programme, students will be able to:

• describe the physical phenomena related to engineering problems and solve relevant engineering problems
• assess the feasibility and sustainability of different technologies from the multi-disciplinary perspectives of environmental technology, energy technology, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering
• articulate the operating principles of energy supply, storage and distribution technologies
• explain material selection and design for a variety of manufacturing processes
• appraise products, processes, systems and their societal roles using comprehensive sustainability criteria
• name and describe the most common applications and operating principles of electrical engineering as well as explain electricity networks, safety, measurements and control systems
• utilise teamwork and language skills relevant to international industry
• conceptualise, build, develop and present a basic innovative product or service

Degree structure

The BSc in technology 180 ECTS consists of
- general studies
- language and communication studies
- intermediate specialisation studies of electrical engineering, energy tecgnology, environmental technology or mechanical engineering
- the specialisation studies include a Bachelor's thesis and a related seminar
- there are no minor studies or free elective studies.

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