Oppaan Master's Programme in Supply Management (MSM), 2019-20...2022-23 tiedot

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Master's programme in Supply Management (MSM) 2019-20

This Study Guide includes the learning outcomes, degree structure and curriculum of the master's programme in Supply Management (MSM) 2019-20.

• Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), 120 credits, duration 2 years.
• Higher university degree, gives eligibility to scientific doctoral studies.

Learning outcomes

After completing the programme

1. The student is a competent expert in the field of supply management, who
- will be able to discuss and assess supply management theories and concepts
- can critically evaluate supply chain risks, challenges and opportunities
- can apply managerial tools and techniques in analyzing and solving supply management-related problems

2. The student is competent in applied business research and
- is able to systematically analyze discipline-related research problems
- is able to draw well justified conclusions and analytically discuss the implications of produced research results
- is able to produce an academic research report according to the principles for good scientific conduct

3. The student has responsible business skills and
- has a profound understanding on the discipline-specific responsibility issues
- is able to critically evaluate consequences of business decisions from a responsibility perspective

4. The student demonstrates competencies in teamwork and
- is an effective team member and capable at solving problems in teams
- has good collaboration and interpersonal communication skills