General Courses Exams Degree Structures Study Modules

A = Business Administration
BH10, BH20, BH30, BH40, BH50, BH61 and BH70 = Energy Technology
BH60 = Environmental Technology
BJ = Chemical and Process Engineering
BK = Mechanical Engineering
BL = Electrical Engineering
BM = Computational Engineering
CS = Industrial Engineering
CT = Software Engineering
LES = Common for Energy technology, Environmental engineering, Mechanical engineering and Electrical engineering

You can also study languages during yout stay at LUT. Course descriptions for language courses can be found in


Here you can find teaching events where you enroll via WebOodi.

If enrollment isn't via WebOodi you find the information from course description (Search: Courses/Exams -> Find teaching events).
(E)Laajenna 1. period 2019-2020
(E)Laajenna 2. period 2019-2020
(E)Laajenna 3. period 2019-2020
(E)Laajenna 4. periodi 2019-2020