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VA10A1100 Basics of Marketing and Sales, 5 cr 
Code VA10A1100  Validity 01.08.2017 -
Name Basics of Marketing and Sales  Abbreviation Basics of Marke 
Credits5 cr   
  Grading scaleStudy modules 0-5,P/F 
  Eligibility for post-graduate studiesno
    Allowed to study several timesno
Organisation LUT School of Business and Management, Oulun yliopisto 

Description by Study Guide

Only for students of technology. The latest information about the course is updated and published on the course platform at

The LITO courses are organised in co-operation with multiple universities. To enable registering credits when the course is completed, it is necessary to transfer data about the student from their home university to the university that is responsible for organizing the course. The data to be transferred consists of: name, gender, nationality, e-mail address, personal identification number and the home university. Data that is classified as secret is not transferred. Without data transfer it is not possible to have the course credits registered.


March- April 2020

Teaching Language 

Finnish or English. The course material is mainly in English. The student may submit the assignments either in Finnish or in English.

Teacher(s) in Charge 

Minna-Maarit Jaskari and Tuula Lehtimäki


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
- describe the role of marketing in an organization and identify the significance of customer-orientation in both development of the organization and personal actions
- apply key concepts of marketing (e.g., customer-perceived value, value creation process, brand, marketing mix and segmentation) in decision-making and in the evaluation of made decisions
- describe the diverse emphasis of B-to-B and consumer marketing and the key characteristics of both logics
- identify and utilize key marketing communication channels in the fickle business environment
- understand the sales process in its entirety and the content of different parts of the sales process in practice in both consumer and in B-to-B sales


Key marketing concepts, definitions and phenomena now and before, such as value, value creation and marketing mix
- Understanding these concepts in diverse contexts: the differences between consumer and B-to-B logics
- Customer-centric thinking and value creation
Customer-oriented strategy in a changing business environment
- The key concepts and phenomena in consumer marketing
- B-to-B marketing and organizational buying behavior
- Marketing communication channels and contents
- Sales process in consumer and B-to-B contexts as well as personal sales and interaction skills at different phases of the sales process

Teaching Methods 

The course includes a compulsory preliminary assignment that has to be completed successfully by a pre-defined date. The instructions for the pre-assignment are given to students who have registered for the course within the registration period.

Students will complete weekly exercises.

Weekly exercises 60 h, independent reading 70 h, feedback 3,5 h. Total workload 133,5 h.


Assessment scale and assessment methods 

Students complete the course by submitting weekly assignments. Grading is from fail/ 1-5.


Course Materials 

The teachers will specify the literature at the beginning of the course.


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