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A240A0080 Mathworks Self-Study Courses, 1-3 cr 
Code A240A0080  Validity 01.08.2019 -
Name Mathworks Self-Study Courses  Abbreviation Mathworks Self- 
Credits1-3 cr   
TypeBasic studies  
  Grading scaleStudy modules 0-5,P/F 
  Eligibility for post-graduate studiesno
    Allowed to study several timesno
Organisation LUT School of Business and Management 

Pasi Luukka 

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M.Sc. (Econ & Bus. Adm.) 1-2, M.Sc. (Tech) 1-2



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Teacher(s) in Charge 

Professor D.Sc. (Tech), Pasi Luukka


The course deepens students' understanding of the specialized topics in matlab through a set of online courses. There are three possible modules for student to do.

Module ‘Financial applications’:
By the end of the module student will be able to become familiar with the main features of matlab integrated design environment and its user interfaces. Work with vectors and matrices. Automating command with scripts. Handle dates and times in data set. Perform conditional data selections. Work with missing data. Writing functions. Fitting models to empirical data.

Module ‘Data processing and visualization’
By the end of the module student will be able to import tabular data. Preprocess data. Handle graphics formatting Functions.
Import data from multiple files. Analyze group within data. Import unstructured data.

Module ‘Matlab programming techniques’
By the end of the module student will be able to use development tools in Matlab to assist in understanding, debugging and optimizing code. Creating a test framework to determine if the application is behaving as expected. Writing functions that can handle flexible user input values and display relevant error messages when appropriate. Reviewing of selection of Matlab data types. Organizing data in Matlab through the use of various data types. Modifying the structure of code files. Writing better and more efficient code. Sharing applications using toolboxes.


Module ‘Financial applications’
Working with the matlab user interface, perform mathematical calculations on imported vector data, and create basic visualizations. Extract a subset of vector data, perform statistical calculations and customize plots. Perform various mathematical operations on matrices. Query and combine multiple matrices. Import date and time data interactively. Creation and modification of variables representing dates and times. Computations on date and time data. Custom plots using date and time durations. Extract and analyze subsets of data that satisfy given criteria. Typical data pre-processing and analysis tasks in matlab, including locating missing values and working with them. Linear regression, employing distribution fitting to determine quality of the model and creation of monte carlo simulations from the model.

Module ‘Data processing and visualization’
Module consists of importing column oriented data files that contain a mixture of data types. Handling missing value and categorical data. Creating sophisticated visualizations using matlab graphics objects. Reading large data stored in multiple files. Identifying groups within data and analyzing them. Plotting irregularly spaced data. Importing blocks of data into matlab.

Module ‘Matlab programming techniques’
Utilize development tools. Verifying Application Behavior. Creating robust applications. Review of data types. Structuring data. Structuring code. Performance and memory. Creating a toolbox.

Teaching Methods 

Personal study of the selected specialization topic(s). Course can be done at any point of studies and execution is based on the discussions with the person responsible of the course. Total workload is agreed before execution and can be 26-78 h.

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Assessment scale and assessment methods 

Passed/Failed, discussions with the supervisor. A set of accepted matlab online courses 100%.

Course Materials 

Matlab documentation files. The material of the specialization topic depends on the selected module.

Limitation for students? (Yes, number, priorities/Leave empty) 

max 50, Priority for business analytics students

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