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CS35A0311 Literature Course of Knowledge Management, 6 cr 
Code CS35A0311  Validity 01.08.2016 -
Name Literature Course of Knowledge Management  Abbreviation Literature Cour 
Credits6 cr   
TypeBasic studies  
  Grading scaleStudy modules 0-5,P/F 
  Eligibility for post-graduate studiesno
    Allowed to study several timesno
Organisation LUT School of Engineering Science 

Tuija Oikarinen 
Jorma Papinniemi 
Tuomo Uotila 

Description by Study Guide
Note  Course is intended only for those students of industrial engineering and management, who are studying  in Knowledge management and information networks- master's program 
Year  M.Sc. (Tech.) 2 
Period  1-4 
Teaching Language  Finnish 
Teacher(s) in Charge 

Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.) Tuomo Uotila
Lecturer Jorma Papinniemi
Senior researcher Tuija Oikarinen


Literature course of Knowledge Management introduces a student to his research topic, theoretical and methodological discussion related to it and prepares a student for his master’s thesis.


A student chooses out of four alternative literature package the one, which closest relates to his research topic

Teaching Methods 

Writing a summary based on selected literature. Total 156 h. Choose one out of three alternative themes (see materials below). Write a summary (app. 25-30 pages) using selected material. When summary is ready, send it by e-mail to indicated person and agree the date and type of presentation.

Examination in Examination schedule (Yes/No)  No 
Examination in Moodle (Yes/No)  No 
Examination in Exam (Yes/No)  No 
Assessment scale and assessment methods 

0 – 5. Literature examination

Course Materials 

Theme 1: Knowledge management, innovation, foresight (Tuomo Uotila) Book: Paul Trott: Innovation management and new product development. NB. following chapters are excluded: chapter 2: Economics and market adoption chapter 7: Strategic alliances and networks chapter 13. Packaging and product development The book is available from LUT library as an e-book via Wilma-database using VPN-connection.

Theme 2: Knowledge management, cooperation and value creation in business networks (Tuija Oikarinen) Book: Chiara Cantu & Annalisa Tunisini (eds) Innovation in B2B networks. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing. The book is accessible from:,, Choose five most interesting papers out of the collection and make a summary using them.

Theme 3: Knowledge management, systems and business processes (Jorma Papinniemi) Books: Robert Heinrich: Aligning Business Processes and Information Systems, 2014, Springer Online, AND Tomohiko Sakao & Mattias Lindahl: Introduction to Product/Service-System Design, 2009, Springer Online Books are available from LUT library's Springer Link eBooks –database.

Places for exchange-students? (Yes, number/No)  No 
Places for Open University Students?(Yes, number/No)  No 

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  Literature Course of Knowledge Management  COURSE  Tuija Oikarinen,
Jorma Papinniemi,
Tuomo Uotila 
02.09.19 -17.04.20 -

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