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CS30A1391 Systems Engineering, 6 cr 
Code CS30A1391  Validity 01.08.2016 -
Name Systems Engineering  Abbreviation Systems Enginee 
Credits6 cr   
TypeBasic studies  
  Grading scaleStudy modules 0-5,P/F 
  Eligibility for post-graduate studiesYes
    Allowed to study several timesno
Organisation LUT School of Engineering Science 

Andrzej Kraslawski 

Description by Study Guide

M.Sc. (Tech) 2



Teaching Language 


Teacher(s) in Charge 

Professor, Ph.D. Andrzej Kraslawski


After completion of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of systems engineering
  • Apply the basic methods of systems analysis
  • Work in a team during systems design

The key topics of the course are: the concept of system, developing system requirements, the index of performance, system development and integration, system modelling, multi-criteria decision-making, ranking the alternatives.

Teaching Methods 

The course is organised as a combination of regular lectures and interactive problem-solving sessions and project work. The classroom problem-solving sessions will be based on team work in groups of 3-5 students. The 2-3 projects will be carried out in groups of 3-4 students independently and will result in the preparation of a project report. Classroom teaching and problem-solving sessions 30 hours. Project work 100 hours. Period 3. in-class activities (lectures, problem solving), period 4. out-of-class activities (project work). Total workload 130 hours.
Lectures, in-class  30 h, period 3. Project work, out-of class, 100 h, period 4.

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Assessment scale and assessment methods 

0-5. Evaluation: solutions generated in classroom sessions 30%, project reports 40%, written exam 30%. Obligatory presence during 80% of in-class activities.

Course Materials 

Course slides.
Blanchard, B. S., Fabrycky, W. J.,
Systems Engineering and Analysis, Pearson, 2014

Liu Dahai
Systems Engineering, CRC Press, 2016

Alexander I., Beus-Dukic L.
Discovering Requirements, Wiley, 2009

Gibson J., Scherer W., Gibson W.
How to Do Systems Analysis, Wiley, 2007

Martin J.
Systems Engineering Guidebook, CRC, 1996


Basic courses on management.

Limitation for students? (Yes, number, priorities/Leave empty) 

Yes, 60

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max 5


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  Systems Engineering  COURSE  Andrzej Kraslawski 
07.01.20 -17.04.20 -

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Register Systems Engineering  EXAM  Andrzej Kraslawski 
07.05.20thu 16.15-19.15