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BH50A1500 Bioenergy Technology Solutions, 6 cr 
Code BH50A1500  Validity 01.08.2010 -
Name Bioenergy Technology Solutions  Abbreviation Bioenergy Techn 
Credits6 cr   
TypeBasic studies  
  Grading scaleStudy modules 0-5,P/F 
  Eligibility for post-graduate studiesYes
    Allowed to study several timesno
Organisation LUT School of Energy Systems 

Esa Vakkilainen 

Description by Study Guide
Note  Location: Lappeenranta 
Year  M.Sc. (Tech.) 2 
Period  2-3 
Teaching Language  English 
Teacher(s) in Charge 

Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.) Esa Vakkilainen


Upon completion of the course the student will be able to 1. discuss the EU bioenergy policies including the effects of carbontrading, RES and energy efficiency, 2. understand the role and limitations of bioenergy use in Europe, 3. create a strategic vision for any country to usebioenergy, 4. understand different bioenergy generation technologies, and 5. list the biofuel production technologies, and 6. Independently follow discussions around future directions of Bioenergy technology. Independent creation of large report.


Comparison of various bioenergy visions. Technological solutions and case studies from biomass supply and biofuelrefining, end-use technologies of biofuels in different sectors. Bioenergy challenges. Bioenergy politics.

Teaching Methods 

12 h of lectures. Group assignment. Written examination. Independent study approximately: Written assignment 48 h. Preparation for the examination 16 h + the examination 3 h. Studying given materials 77 h.
Total workload 156 h.

Suitability for doctoral studies (Yes/Leave empty)  Yes 
Examination in Examination schedule (Yes/No)  Yes 
Examination in Moodle (Yes/No)  No 
Examination in Exam (Yes/No)  No 
Assessment scale and assessment methods 

0 - 5. Examination 60 %, assignment 40 %.

Course Materials 

Lecture notes.


BH61A0600 Bioenergy.

Places for exchange-students? (Yes, number/No)  No 
Places for Open University Students?(Yes, number/No)  max 5 

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