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CS90A0060 Master's Thesis, 30 cr / 20 cu 
Code CS90A0060  Validity 01.08.2008 -
Name Master's Thesis  Abbreviation Master's Thesis 
Credits30 cr / 20 cu   
TypeBasic studies  
ClassMaster's Thesis   
  Grading scaleDityöt/Tekniikka 
Organisation LUT School of Engineering Science 

Lea Hannola 

Description by Study Guide

M.Sc. (Tech.) 2



Teaching Language 

Finnish and English

Teacher(s) in Charge 

Lea Hannola, D.Sc. (Tech.), Associate Professor

Other teachers: Professors and Associate Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management


After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate their knowledge of a topic of scientific and societal importance in specific professional area
  • demonstrate the ability to carry out the project independently and following a plan
  • produce the thesis, which is organised coherently, the presentation is academic and the language revised
  • act and communicate in different kinds of interactions and work environments in an entrepreneurial way by taking independently and actively responsibility about the development and management of business
  • apply and utilize independently new knowledge both in scientific postgraduate studies and other lifelong learning

The Master's thesis is the final project of the degree of Master of Science (Technology). Usually it involves a development project commissioned by a company and takes about six months.

The work entails working on a development project related to industrial management, preparing a report in the form of a thesis, and presenting the work in a way that the first supervisor requires. Before the thesis is returned for grading it must be checked with the Turnitin programme in the moodle page of the course. (modified 18.05.2018)

Topic of the master's thesis has to be confirmed as soon as the topic has been decided with the first supervisor. Use form 1A in UNI-portal.

Teaching Methods 

Development project and related report, presentation of the work (1. supervisor defines the way), maturity test (usually on the contents of the thesis).

Examination in Examination schedule (Yes/No) 


Examination in Moodle (Yes/No) 


Examination in Exam (Yes/No) 


Assessment scale and assessment methods 

0 - 5. Master's thesis 100 %.

Course Materials 

Electronic guide for Master's Thesis workers and supervisors,

Study support -sites in Uni-portal, Industrial Engineering and Management


B.Sc. (Tech.) degree (not required of students admitted directly into a Master's programme), complementary studies (for students admitted directly into a Master's programme).

Places for exchange-students? (Yes, number/No) 


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