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CT10A7052 Software Engineering work practise, 3 op 
Tunniste CT10A7052  Voimassaolo 01.08.2019 -
Nimi Software Engineering work practise  Nimilyhenne Software Engine 
Laajuus3 op   
  ArvosteluasteikkoOpintojaksot 0-5,H,P 
    Voidaan suorittaa useastiei
Vastuuyksikkö LUT School of Engineering Science (23B3) 

Ari Happonen 

Opintojakson kuvaus opinto-oppaan mukaan
Huom  Location: Lappeenranta

Note! Course replaces CT10A7051 Area Expert's Views on Future Work-life Expectations and can not be included in the same degree.

Suoritusvuosi  B.Sc. (Tech) 3 
Opetuskieli  English 

D.Sc. (Tech.) Ari Happonen


Students will learn about the current trends in research and industry related on software engineering and digital transformation, how it affects into everyday life and how students should be prepared to future work-life. Course assignments shall give a glimpse into the current work-life skill set expectations, needed in this context, based on lectures given by industry and university visiting lecturers.

After completing the course student will be able to:
1. utilize the course knowledge into real life cases
2. explain more clear sense on future work-life skill set expectations including lifelong learning
3. evaluate own believes of work-life expectations into presented ones
4. demonstrate the ability to follow given guidelines in research and work process methodology
5. apply orally given experts knowhow into another use case context


The course is based on a series of visiting lectures given by the researchers / professors from LUT and lectures given by yearly changing industry and public sector representatives. The lectures introduce students to research and industry topics and current trends that should help the student to focus their studies on LUT. Most lectures have a preliminary task (e.g. research on industry area of the visiting lecturer or reflecting a research article, given by the visiting researcher into real life application context etc.). All tasks are evaluated and some tasks also include follow up discussions in the lectures. Some lectures may include e.g. live demonstrations of tools used in research and industry, like data-analysis and modeling tools. Within the lectures, students shall learn participatory methods and presentation skills. Visiting lectures may explain the insight on how to achieve a career path they have walked through and they can include rewards for most active students.


Course consists visiting lectures / seminars, in lecture exercises (part of course task work), topic discussions, case studies (in form of course task) and course reflection document(s).

Period 3: Lectures 14h, reading and weekly tasks 56h, personal reflections including end of course report 8h
Total workload 78 hours.

Kuulustelujärjestyksen mukainen tentti (Kyllä/Ei)  No 
Moodle-tentti (Kyllä/Ei)  No 
Exam-tentti (Kyllä/Ei)  No 
Arviointiskaala ja arviointimenetelmät 

Final grade: 0 – 5, evaluation of the course tasks, reflection report(s) and possible extra tasks and activity in the course lectures 100%.

As part of the course evaluations, course can include bonus / extra tasks. To pass the course, students need to receive at least 55% of evaluation points from normal course tasks.


Self study on Jalali S., Wohlin C., Systematic Literature Studies: Database Searches vs. Backward Snowballing

Material shall be given and presented in the course lectures. In addition, some needed support material for course tasks can be given within the release of the tasks.


Highly recommended to have around 90 ECTS worth of studied ready, before participating into the course.

Vaihto-opiskelijoille paikkoja? (Kyllä,paikkamäärä/Ei)  max 15 
Paikkoja avoimen yliopiston opiskelijoille? (Kyllä, paikkamäärä/Ei)  max 10 

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