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CS10A0875 Industrial Project Management, 3 op 
Tunniste CS10A0875  Voimassaolo 01.08.2016 -
Nimi Industrial Project Management  Nimilyhenne Industrial Proj 
Laajuus3 op   
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Vastuuyksikkö LUT School of Engineering Science (23B3) 

Iryna Maliatsina 
Daria Podmetina 

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Location: Lappeenranta


M.Sc. (Tech.) 1-2






D.Sc. (Tech.) Daria Podmetina
PhD Student Iryna Maliatsina

Person in Charge: Daria Podmetina


The Industrial Project Management (PM) course has the following objectives:
1.To get familiar with a variety of industrial projects, multi-project environments and project management principles
2.To understand the needs, context and importance of PM in an industrial organization, and learn up-to-date tools and methods facilitating the effective planning, productivity and project workflow processes control
3.To learn resource-planning (people, time and costs) and budgeting as the foundation of project planning and control
4.To understand the steps, processes and risks involved in different industrial projects and their management
5.To understand the roles and responsibilities of HR manager, project leader and project manager
The corporate challenge solving is expected to contribute to all the objectives by providing real-life experience in applying the students' project management and innovation skills and knowledge.


Industrial Project Management Course provides Master’s students with theoretical insights and practical tools aiming at developing project management skills. Students revise the PM concepts and tools for organizing, planning, and controlling projects (PERT, Gantt, critical path) using the software (MS Project) and learn to apply the work breakdown structures and networks for planning and scheduling the projects and project portfolios. Engaging with real-life project management and innovation challenges from companies allows the students to gain relevant practical experience, where they may apply their knowledge and skills, learn the actual issues faced by organizations that seek to benefit from new project tools, methods or new innovative solutions and strategies in project management.
This course covers the fundamental concepts and applied techniques for cost effective management of both long-term development programs and short-term projects. Project management principles and methodologies are provided with special focus on planning, controlling, and managing projects. After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to: identify the elements of the PM lifecycle: plan, control, organize and allocate the resources; understand PM processes and comprehend basic tools and techniques to plan, organize and manage a project; optimize results while managing the constraints and stakeholder communications.


Lectures 14 h, seminars 4h, industry challenge and report 35 h (includes presentation), individual work 27 h, total 80 h. Moodle is used in this course.

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Arviointiskaala ja arviointimenetelmät 

0-5, based on the report (70 %), and home assignments/group work during the course (30 %).


Kerzner, Harold R. (2013). Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling. Wiley, New Jersey. Eppinger, Steven D. & Tyson R. Browning (2012). Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications. MIT press, Boston.


The course is targeted to the students of Global Management of Innovation and Technology (GMIT) master program, but other students can also participate. Number of participants is limited to 50.

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Yes, 50

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max 10

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max 5


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  Industrial Project Management  KURSSI  Iryna Maliatsina,
Daria Podmetina 
02.03.20 -17.04.20 -

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