Reading Instructions:
Study Guide consists of interleafs General, Teaching, Exams, Degree Structures, Minor Studies and Courses.

General interleaf:
Basic information and learning outcomes of the programme.

Courses interleaf:
Teaching periods and enrolment for the courses included in the programme as obligatory, optional or elective courses.

Exams interleaf:
Exams of the courses divided by the exam dates or courses in alphabetical order.

Degree Structures interleaf:
Programme degree structure (with the courses included), which is the template for the Personal study plan.
Postgraduate (doctoral) courses-study guide: The course tray of LUT is available on this interleaf.

Minor Studies interleaf:
The names and codes of the minor studies and their courses.

Study Modules interleaf:
All the courses the study programme provides in alphabetical order.
Postgraduate (doctoral) courses-study guide: For the course tray of LUT, please see the interleaf Degree Structures.

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Link to Campus language center courses:
Courses of Language center

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