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Degree Structure

The Master's degree (120 ECTS) consists of core studies, specialisation studies, minor studies and free elective studies. The Master's Thesis and Seminar is included in the specialisation studies.

BH60A5400 Introduction to Circular Economy will be taken in quantity of 5 ECTS cr.
BL20A0910 Technology and Society to take in first year of studies.
If the student is required to study BH60A5200 Introduction to Business and Sustainability, it is recommended to take in autumn 2019.
If the student is required to study BH60A5300 Introduction to Sustainable System Transition, it is recommended to take in academic year 2019-2020.

Students are recommended to choose one of the following minor studies:
- Energy Technology (Distance Learning) (code EnDETDL)
- Innovaatiojohtaminen (Lahti campus) (code TuDSOInno)
- Suorituskyvyn johtaminen (Lahti campus) (code TuDSOSujo)
- Yrittäjyys (Lahti campus) (code TuSOYrittajyys) or Entrepreneuship (Lahti campus) (code TuSOEntrepre)
- minor studies in Ympäristötieteet, offered by University of Helsinki in Lahti campus

Students may do the minor during exchange abroad (upon application).

Free elective studies can be any courses offered by LUT if the required prerequisites are fulfilled. Recommended elective studies are e.g.:

BH60A0451 Air Pollution Control
BH60A2101 Advanced Course in Life Cycle Assessment
BH60A5200 Introduction to Business and Sustainability
BH60A5700 Business and Sustainability
BH60A3700 DI-tutkinnon työharjoittelu 2-10 op
BJ02A3060 Circular Economy for Materials Processing 6 op or
BJ02A1500 Current Issues in Enabling Technologies for Circular Economy 5 op

Studies in other universities/from abroad or a max. of 10 ECTS of internship (BH60A3700 Work Internship in Master's Degree, 2-10 ECTS) may be included upon application, too.

See the degree structure for details.


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