Study guide's Master's Programme in Nuclear Engineering, 2019-20 information (E)

General Courses Exams Degree Structures Minor Studies Study Modules

The extent of the minor studies is a min. of 20 ECTS cr.
The following minors are recommended for the M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering:
SADREE Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
YmDSaResp Environmental Responsibility
EnDMES Modelling of Energy Systems
MaDIntM300 Technomathematics
FyDInt300 Technical Physics.

If the total of specialisation studies exceeds 80 cr., no minor studies are required.

The double degree programmes do not include any minor. These instructions concern only the two-year MSc in Nuclear Engineering.

Minors included in the Study Guide

Code and NameECTS            cu            Organisational unitFunctions
 YmDSaResp Environmental Responsibility 
20-30LUT School of Energy Systems
 EnDMES Modelling of Energy Systems 
21LUT School of Energy Systems
 SaDREE Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 
20LUT School of Energy Systems
 FyDInt300 Technical Physics 
20-26LUT School of Engineering Science
 MaDIntM300 Technomathematics 
20LUT School of Engineering Science