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If the total of specialisation studies exceeds 80 ECTS, no minor studies are required.
Otherwise, the extent of the minor is a min. of 20 ECTS.

The following minors, which are suitable for distance learning, are recommended for the M.Sc. in Biorefineries:
- EnDETDL Energy Technology (Distance Learning)
- VAKASO Liiketoimintaosaaminen (Basic business studies)
- Asiantuntijuus kiertotaloudessa/Circular Economy, a multidiciplinary study module
- minors offered by FiTech Finnish Institute of Technology https://fitech.io


Oppaaseen kuuluvat sivuopintokokonaisuudet

Tunniste ja nimiop            ov            VastuuyksikköToiminnot
 EnDETDL Energy Technology (Distance Learning) 
21LUT School of Energy Systems (23B2)
 VAKASO Liiketoimintaosaaminen, verkko-opinnot 
25-40LUT School of Business and Management (23E1)