Yleistä Opetus Tentit Tutkintorakenteet Sivuopintokokonaisuudet Opintojaksot

Minor Studies

The extent of the minor is a min. of 20 ECTS.

Students are instructed to choose one of the following minor studies to their MSc degree:
- Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SaDREE)
- Industrial Engineering and Management (TuDSOIEM) or Tuotantotalous, laaja (TuDSO)
- Software Engineering and Digital Transformation minor (TiDSOsedt)
- International Business Management (KaSOIbm)
- Digitalization and Business Analytics (KaSOBusan) (primarily for LBM-students and if courses have room for other students, computational engineering students are next in line)

Students may do the minor during exchange abroad (upon application).

Oppaaseen kuuluvat sivuopintokokonaisuudet

Tunniste ja nimiop            ov            VastuuyksikköToiminnot
 KaSOBusan Digitalization and Business Analytics 
24-30LUT School of Business and Management (23E1)
 KaSOIbm International Business and Management 
21-35LUT School of Business and Management (23E1)
 TuDSOIEM Minor in Industrial Engineering and Management 
20-24LUT School of Engineering Science (23B3)
 SaDREE Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 
20LUT School of Energy Systems (23B2)
 TiDSOsedt Software Engineering and Digital Transformation minor 
24-30LUT School of Engineering Science (23B3)
 TuDSO Tuotantotalous, sivuopinnot laaja 
20-35LUT School of Engineering Science (23B3)